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Jun 9, 2014

Early Harvest

Category: General
Posted by: adminsco

Since early Spring all the children have been actively involved with planting and growing of herbs, flowers and vegetables for our hanging baskets, raised beds and various planters.

We are already cutting and using our ‘home grown’ herbs in our meals at nursery mmmmm tasty!

While we are expanding our planting and growing areas, we are always grateful for helpers so if any parents or grandparents etc would like to help by doing any of the following we would be very grateful:

  • coming to help prune or tend to the plants
  • offer advice and useful information
  • provide seeds, cuttings, bulbs etc

We are teaching the children all about healthy eating and will continue to harvest the vegetables as we move through the summer. We are all looking forward to the children’s Scotts Wood Vegetable soup!